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Energy Clearing For Your Home

Energy Clearing For Your Home

By Kristiana Jourgensen

The whole universe is made of energy. This is not some hippy ideal but a universal, scientific and metaphysical law. The interesting fact is that we usually only consider energy when we don't have it or when it is not working the way we want it to. Our electricity in our house can go out in a storm, we can get sick and loose or physical energy and then there is a less obvious form of energy that lives within spaces that can also "go bad". You may not notice this kind of energy directly but intuitively we know when we are around a person or place that doesn't sit well with our comfort level for whatever reason. Sometimes energy in a room just gets stagnant from not being used or sometimes it could be that a very negative person inhabited the space and turned the energy bad.

No matter what the reason is houses need energy cleaning just like they need vacuuming or dusting. Doing an energy cleaning or "clearing" to your home can have numerous benefits ranging from bringing physical energy back to its inhabitants, organization, a greater feeling of contentment/cheerfulness, to actually attracting good things to happen within the space. This is why people have 'housewarming parties" when they move in to instinctually create a more lived in atmosphere of a new place. This philosophy is also well documented and explored in Feng Shui, which is the more in depth philosophy that your home is a metaphor in which each room represents a certain aspect of your external life. The following practices are taken from studying energy clearing and some principles of Feng Shui. Give them a try when your home needs new life and more happiness!

1. Break The Energy Up
Use a drum, bells, whistle, or even bang on a pan with a kitchen spoon, but you must go around all the corners of your house and break up the stagnant energy that is looming. The sound waves and even the act of just walking around and doing this to parts of your house/rooms you rarely step in stirs the energy in the space. This is why pets are so great because having little kitties or a dog that does this naturally keeps energy moving.

2. Smoke Out The Bad
Sage wands (tightly wrapped together sage) are available at any health food store or incense shop and have been used since Native American times for their cleansing their properties. Smoke has been used throughout the ages to cleanse and even communicate with spirit worlds. You may also use your favorite incense. Once around go around to every corner and walk in a circle in every room spreading the cleansing smoke in every nook and cranny. Think of something that makes you happy or that you would like to happen there like friends gathering together as you are doing this.

3. Sun Charged Bowl Of Water
While you are doing your cleaning during the day take a large kitchen bowl and fill it with water and put it out in the sun to get charged by the solar energy. When you go to bed at night put the bowl of water in the center of room you are trying to clear and say out loud or imagine to yourself the bowl of water gathering up all the negative energy as you sleep. When you get up in the morning imagine all the bad energy now being captured by this sun charged bowl of water and throw the water outside somewhere. This sounds funny but some people have actually reported water being a darker color in the morning!

4. Clean Out All Closets!!!!!
There is nothing better you can do for yourself if are feeling scattered and restless than to clean out your closets! Closets are deep metaphors of the things we harbor for the better and worse in our lives. Get rid of those things you don't need anymore and discover some things you forgot you had and use them! Re-organize so you know what you own and give a way what you truly don't need. This invites new blessings to come into your life. After all the universe cannot fill a cup that it sees as already full!

5. Invite New Fresh Air In
Open all your windows for the whole day, turn your fans on and let the breeze blow out all the old stale energy. Buy some flowers or house plants to breathe new air into the room and finish off this process by buying a white candle that you burn for a good 2-3 hours. Say a prayer for your new positively energy charged room and imagine all the warm and good things that will happen in that space as you let the flame burn away any remaining negativity and welcome in the new comforting energy.

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Kristiana Jourgensen is a professionally certified Massage Therapist and online entrepreneur who has been practicing massage and natural/alternative health methods to heal the body since 1997. She is also a survivor of Hodgkin's Lymphoma- a cancer of the lymph nodes at only age 20, a writer and traveler. Her passion is to always be learning and sharing knowledge and ideas that help others achieve health and happiness.
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