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Can Feng Shui Make You Happy?

Can Feng Shui Make You Happy?
By Fay Chapple

Get Happy With Feng Shui!

Many people believe that in order to be happy the must first completely change their environment. Redecorate, renovate, buy expensive furnishings, after all Happiness is always someplace else and just around the corner.

It is often believed that happiness cannot be achieved because the house your currently in is a bad Feng Shui house.

There is no bad Feng Shui house. Generally you are in the house or home you are in at this time for a reason. When you do a complete Feng Shui Audit of your home - you often see that the most challenging part of your home is also an area in which you will benefit from learning the growth and wisdom that comes with trying to re balance that area.

Do you want to be happy in your current home?

First, look around and be grateful. No matter what shape your home is in, how it is decorated or where it is located, be grateful that their is a roof over your head that offers shelter, warmth and comfort for you and your family. Be grateful and acknowledge that their are millions of people around the world that are not as fortunate as you. Thank your home for offering you this small respite of serenity and be happy for all its wonderful qualities and its quirky challenges.

Second, much of the feelings of happiness come from a place of clarity and balance. When you don't feel rushed, pegged in, or stuck you feel happier. That feeling of lightness, space and freedom does not come from square footage , but from a place that is clean, clear, clutterfree. Your home should allow as much sun shine, lights, and air in as possible. Keep your home clutter free in order to encourage positive fresh energy which in turn will make you feel lighter and happier. Have beautiful calming scents and music fill you space and encourage joy!

Third, Feng Shui for the soul is the same as Feng Shui for your home. It is equally as important to clear your emotional space as it is to clear you physical space. What is keeping you from being happy? You may need a shift in focus. Surround yourself with positive, energetic friends that put a smile on your face and rid yourself of people that pull you down or make you feel undeserving.

Remember happiness is a choice, choose to be happy now in the moment, don't wait for happiness, it is already all around you!

©2008 Fay Chapple


Fay Chapple is an International Feng Shui Expert, award winning Interior Decorator and Life Coach, and is Principal of the award winning Home & Life Design Firm Blue Avalon.

Blue Avalon specializes in Interior Decorating, Feng Shui and Abundant Living. Blue Avalon is the publisher of The Blue Avalon Journal, a monthly e-zine packed with ideas, tips and insider secrets! To subscribe log on to our site at and you'll receive a bonus book, The Number One Feng Shui Secret That Will Transform Your Life!

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