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Feng Shui Power of Realization To Decluttering Easily

Feng Shui Power of Realization To Decluttering Easily by Leah Quinn

We could always use a little more effort when it comes to realizations. What's that you ask? In this case when I refer to realizations, it is simply the act of thinking about an outcome so much that it becomes a reality. Feng Shui techniques apply this practice as well, whether through meditating or simply thinking positive thoughts through out your day and night.

Feng Shui is not simply about ensuring your home is clutter free (not all clutter is bad) but this 'good clutter' should be items you use throughout your week. I am in constant effort to declutter my home. It is super easy to allow papers to pile, new items come in without taking out old items no longer needed. I usually use Fridays and weekends to really bring back my home to being the sanctuary I want it to be. Feel free to refer to my article on Feng Shui Fridays for quick tasks you can do to get started.

But it is so easy to avoid any of the cleaning when you are so busy at work. For me, it is an extra challenge since I work from home. It is very easy to hit the 'stumble upon' button and get distracted from my own writing articles to checking out what my friends may have shared on facebook for example. I can easily use my writing and blogging as its own distraction from me cleaning up my art room. But I have several tricks that I use to get myself re-motivated and back on track.

To help one get back I share these easy tips and tricks that I use to keep myself on track with my realizations, visualizations and harmonious thoughts to assist me in empowering myself to declutter. Approaching decluttering with positive realizations seriously get the positive Qi to come into your home that much quicker which in turns has you and your family receiving its many benefits that much faster!

Number one and foremost, one must be grateful for all they have, for in turn the more you are sincerely grateful, that much more you will be grateful for.

As soon as you wake up, some of your first thoughts should be to be grateful you are alive and well. Be grateful you have a new day in front of you and be grateful you are blessed with the energy and strength besides conviction to charge forward and take action.

Throughout your day, remind yourself all that you are grateful for, it may sound silly, but look around you and of your possessions, your friends and family, etc. Be thankful for all of it. Say it to yourself or out loud.

And when it comes to turning in for the night, list in your head all those things you are grateful for. Feel all the blessings you received through out your day, and be grateful for them. If you are looking for a job for example, even be grateful for that! "I am so grateful I am seeking a new job that I know will come to me immediately" - for example.

Become one with your home:
Now this may sound silly, but go around your home, room to room (or corner to corner should you live in one of those studios in NYC for example) and really look around. Feel the energy your items are 'putting out'. As you become more aware, physically, you will easily be able to tell which corners and areas need 'adjusting' and frankly reorganizing. Some may be so obvious than it can be daunting, but do check out my next suggestion.

As you look around, mark down on a pad, not just in your head, what you would like to do with that particular area of your home. You may in fact realize this a so called 'chore' will take an obvious several weekends of free time to complete, but remind yourself, really remind yourself that with every effort, more goodness will come into your life. (It really will) By removing unused items, you are making room for good energy to flow through your home and into your mind, making it easier to keep positive thoughts growing and not become stagnated.

Bread Down Decluttering Chores:
I say this time and time again. When one looks at one's office for example or the over stocked garage full of items, it is super easy to misplace important papers and items treasured by you and your family such as Granny Kay's afghans and handmade lace packed away behind the croquette set you never used but bought on a whim.

I like to use the 30 (or less) minute timer rule. Take your kitchen timer, literally take it off the fridge door and set it for 30 minutes. Once set, attack one area or one box you have decided to work on. Clean it out completely, throwing away and donating items that need to go. I suggest once a bag or box has been sorted, remove those garbage bags out of the house immediately. Said removal of the unwanted and no longer needed items really will make a difference in how you feel instantly! And within those 30 minutes, you will sense the achievement of accomplishment; of which 30 minutes before you were simply dreading doing anything to do with cleaning.

To help avoid the dreading of actually decluttering and taking action, I suggest the following: once your timer is set, think to yourself and through the thirty minutes that you are doing these things to remove stagnated Qi (chi) and replacing it with good Qi.

A room and home that has refreshed and renewed Qi is a home that is full of positive feelings, more love and happiness and in turn also brings in more growing wealth opportunities.

The other most important task is to really follow up and take those bags and now organized for donation boxes off to where they need to be. Do not let them simply sit despite them being organized into garbage bags....out they go now! Once these items are out of the actual room and house, you will immediately feel a difference of energy in the room - I promise you!

Continue to keep a vision board or list:
I often review my vision board and list every month. In fact, I have one list of things that I wished to have (a new camera, kitchen-aid mixer, etc.) that I created back in January. Now that it is August, I looked back on that list, and was happy to see that I have checked off many of the items that I wanted. These items came to me in their own good time, such as the barely used new kitchen aid mixer I purchased for $65.00 at a tag sale! I must use this item at least once if not twice in any week. And there was no way that I could afford a brand new one during those months. But still, I knew it was possible, so I put it on the list.

By having this list visually available to me when I enter certain rooms, I am sending out energies that assist me in receiving what I have asked for in a most positive manner.

I keep several lists posted to my board and walls which help to remind me what I am made up of, to what I may want out of life to come into my life and most importantly why I am constantly removing any unwanted items from my house, and here I share one saying so that you too can put this up in the room or where you may think you need reminding in helping you to keep positive while you do all this decluttering work:

"I am getting rid of no longer used items and doing all this work to create a bountiful, peaceful creative existence which is filled with true love, true friendship and true prosperity"

I have this quote placed in several areas of my home. Feel free to write this down and place it in those areas you may need to work on, such as your office. And of course tweak the words a bit to reflect that for which you may want more of in your life.

If some of these practices sound a bit like 'The Secret', it is no coincidence. First of all, it takes time, to really believe positive thinking can bring positive results. But I assure you the more faith you have and the more you practice positive and grateful thinking, you will be assaulted with good vibes and good things happening to you at every turn. It will become easier to declutter your home, so start small, and receive big rewards!

And remember to realize what your home will be like and feel like during your decluttering process. Realize how close you already are to where you want to be, realize you are more than half way there, in fact, believe you are strong enough, believe it is already here and that you are simply following up.

And in fact, if you do 30 minute tasks like this for several weeks when you can fit it in, you will find yourself starting to get on a roll, you will find yourself more energized and will be organizing things you haven't touched for years. That is neatest of the things I have found most positive about using realization techniques while decluttering my house. You will find you are more ready than ever to accept more good into your life and in fact you and your home will be open for just that to happen. And you will have an easily accomplished uncluttered beautiful home to boot!

Zen Peace to You!

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